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We are looking for people who constantly generate and post content on social media. If you or your friends have at least 1000 followers, let us help you get in touch with your favorite brands.
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Throughout this program we are trying to reach people that are interested in working with different companies/brands on their social media and content platforms.

We are not interested in exclusivity agreements between you and us or for you to represent our agency. Therefore, you have no obligation with us.

Every partnership we send your way, you are the one deciding if you agree to work with them or not.

Our role in this consists on facilitating the communication between you and companies/brands. And we have created this form in order to get a glimpse of your interests so we know what opportunities to send your way.

The data gathered in this form is NOT being used by any third parties and is confidential.
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"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki