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November 17th 2017. Dribbble Iasi #002.

Do you know about the coolest Dribbble meetup in town? No? It’s okay, we got it.

We are organizing the 2nd meetup, so make sure to keep up with us for all the info and updates.

What is this editions creative theme you ask?

The theme is "Animals." Let's put our creative minds to work for good. So feel free to make, gifs, illustrations, photos, logos or whatever work your heart desires that best represents your love for animals, how would you encourage other to adopt or just showcase your inner spirit animal.

You don’t have to be a pro or to work in this field, if you have an interesting idea and want to share it with the others, create your artwork that illustrates the theme, from your point of view, and you are more than welcome to join.

Another reason for you to be there is networking with the designers community from Iasi (and not only) and getting to know people with the same passion as yours.

As with every edition that we do we set a theme for the works that will be presented, and after use them for the growth and good of our local community. This year the overall issue that we decided to tackle by using art and creativity is pet adoption and animal care. So use your creative juices and make the best adoption, animal lover creative shots you can. Let your spirit animal lose.

Seeing how we want to help the community grow we also have 15 Dribbble invites that we will share with the participants.

Behance 2016

Make sure all works are submitted to us at by the 16th of November at 2PM.

See you soon dribbbleres!

How it went.

Photo credit: Adrian Serghie.

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