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Disadvantages of A WordPress Website.

Just so we are on the same page from the get go, no at Subsign we do not do WordPress website for a multitude of reasons and a few of them we will highlight here.

Disadvantages of A WordPress Website

Without a doubt, WordPress is the most used Content managements system (CMS) in the world. With millions of users, it is widely praised and appreciated for its advantages. But, while they hype is still strong, many people overlook or are not aware that WordPress has certain weak points that might make them reconsider their decisions or options. Here are the top 5 reasons for which you shouldn’t opt for a WordPress site:

1. Vulnerability

Unquestionably the biggest disadvantage of WordPress is its security. WordPress is an Open Source platform, and it relies heavily on plugins and themes for customisation. Both the plugins and the themes are developed by different people and companies and since there isn’t anyone monitoring them, they can easily contain bugs or malicious code lines. On top of this, as stated above, today, WordPress is the most popular content management system. This fact alone makes WordPress a prime target for hackers everywhere. As a matter of fact, according to a Sucuri reportWordPress is the most hacked CMS platform worldwide.

Disadvantages of A WordPress Website

2. Can be expensive

While the WordPress itself is free, when looking at the whole picture there are significant costs. WordPress relies on plugins and themes for customisation, and while there are some that are free, they are not always reliable or safe. Furthermore, if you want your website to stand out and your visitors to have a great you have to buy a theme, as the free ones are overused. With numerous updates coming out constantly, it can become quite expensive to keep your website up to date. Naturally, if you’re a WordPress designer, or have the knowledge you can make a lot of adjustments yourself, but most people need to use a plugin or a well-developed theme.

Disadvantages of A WordPress Website

3. Needs frequent updates

Simply installing WordPress, is going to help you very much as this platform requires a theme and at least several plugins to work properly. WordPress updates can often render parts of your theme or some plugins usable. The more plugins you use, the more likely it is for you to encounter more compatibility problems. The whole maintenance process in WordPress can be quite challenging, and you have to be ready to make adjustments to your plugins and theme in order to have a functional website. If you don’t have the budget or the knowledge (design, programming), giving the fact that in general WordPress doesn’t offer support, and solutions can only be found on WordPress forums, chances are that you should choose another website solution for you.

Disadvantages of A WordPress Website

4. SEO friendliness

WordPress is definitely an SEO friendly platform, but so is virtually any open source CMS. However, for the people with little to no SEO experience and knowledge, WordPress can create quite a few problems. Probably the most known one is caused by the WordPress’ category and tagging system. If the content is over-tagged or marked into many categories, Google will flag it as duplicate content, a fact that will affect your SEO rankings.

Disadvantages of A WordPress Website

5. Customisation needs Coding

To make certain change your WordPress site, you have to possess HTML, CSS and PHP knowledge. If you want to personalize in a unique way, or to enhance its design, you may find yourself needing to write numerous complicated code lines. If you’re in the category of people which possess the knowledge, things can go down smoothly, but if you try to write code without having the right expertise – most people in this category, you can make a lot of damage to your website.

Disadvantages of A WordPress Website


Clearly, with WordPress, you can create great websites, as it has many advantages, that triggered its massive popularity. But choice regarding your website should be taken after you look and compare all the options, advantages and disadvantages. Maybe, despite all the hype, WordPress is not the right choice for you, and you’ll be far better with a website built from scratch by professionals. Before making a decision, look at your needs, evaluate all the available options, taking into consideration both advantages and disadvantages, and take the right step for you. Not taking a rational decision, and going with the flow may create a lot of problems in the future. The choice is yours.


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