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Subsign Spotlight #044.

Marta is in our Spotlight this week, sharing her personal thoughts on the creative industry.

Subsign: First, can you tell as a few things about yourself?

Marta: Hello I’m Marta Moskwa. I’m a graphic designer by passion and profession. Apart of my commercial work I enjoy to create art –mostly abstract. I’m an adventurer, day dreamer but also a woman in business which keeps me on the ground. I also run a creative workshops for kids and trust me – sometimes they have a better ideas than I can even image.

Subsign: What was your childhood like? Do you think your experiences from childhood have influenced your present creative endeavors?

Marta: I’m the only child so I spent a lot of the time fantasying during my parents  long hours of work. I usually spent time on daydreaming and imagine things that never happened. My parents didn’t understand art at all but they  tried to be supportive (even if it was the ugliest picture on Earth). Apart of that I really enjoyed the time when I met other kids in the kindergarten – we even had our table of „artists”. I was impressed how the other kids were good at drawing without even know how to write properly, so I tried to look how they draw and then tried myself the technique. I think it has an impact of what I do now because it’s kind like the design teamwork work – you don’t do everything yourself 🙂

Subsign: What did you wanted to be as a grown up?

Marta: I wanted to be a life guard because I was impressed by Pamela’s Anderson red swimsuit 🙂 then I wanted to be a basketball player (after watching a Space Jam), but I’m still only 160cm. I never thought that being an artist can be a career later on.

Subsign: How does your Workstation look like?

Marta: I’m kind of a messy person (although I promise a change), on my desk you can always see my computer (or two), a TV (which is suppose to be an extended screen but sometimes I’m watching a Big Bang Theory on it while designing), planner of daily tasks, markers, sketchbook, invoices, printer, cups of coffee, a tablet, some books and a free sheets of paper for a random mind mapping. I used to live in 3 countries so far and I always carry too much stuff in the suitcases with me. The photo is a night view which is a usual, quiet time for my side projects.

Subsign: Do you have a work style? How would you describe it?

Marta: As a designer my work style can be called emphatic – I always try to listen to the clients and find the best solution and medium for the project. From a technical (and artistic) point of view I’m inspired by the space (dark backgrounds) and fatal errors – I like glitch and randomness in the projects. I’m the person who likes to freestyle, although I know how to use a grid.

Subsign: Can you share with us how your creative process works?

Marta: I normally start with a meeting or a call/text with a client. Then I’m doing my research, mind mapping and brain storm in general. Sometimes after that I got the idea to discuss or I panic because I have no clue 🙂 anyway later on after approval of the concept (sketch) I’m starting to create a high-end computer visualization. My first sketches are always on paper and I like to spend time to reflect on them (like next morning review). Many clients like to see their product, like a logo drew on paper first, I think in digital word it’s a sign that it’s something more personal to them, which has started as an idea on paper.

Subsign: What is your favorite work you have done so far?

Marta: My favorite projects are usually my newest ones. I think with every project I can improve a little, so usually the fresh one is my favorite. In here you can see a branding for an alternative band called Ciśnienie (it’s mean tension in polish).

Subsign: Who do you follow for inspiration?

Marta: My inspirations are Jessica Walsh for her dynamic, brave and colorful projects and Paula Scher for her branding. Women as an art directors of the word-class design studios are my biggest inspirations.

Subsign: What advice would you give to someone starting out in the creative field of work?

Marta: My advice will be gentle for your clients while design process but also tough when it comes to negotiate the payment. Don’t work for free unless the clients are your parents. Don’t be mean with your feedback even if you don’t like someone else’s work. Keep it mind that this job is your passion but it’s also a profession so be nice – no one wants to work with moody artists.

Subsign: If you would have a super power, what would it be?

Marta: Definitely time traveling but even with this power I probably will make the same mistakes again 🙂

Subsign: Can you recommend to our readers a book, a song and a movie?

Marta: The book I’m fascinated by is „Latin American graphic design” by Taschen, it’s kind of old fashioned now but i’m really inspired by bright colors and shapes. The movie I would recommend is Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring by Kim Ki-duk. Worth to see if you live fast.

Subsign: If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for?

Marta: I wish to throw a world tour party and have fun in as many countries in the world as possible – that would be cool. My birthday is coming soon – who’s gonna give me a gift like this :)?

Subsign: What famous people would you invite to the party and why?

Marta: I will use my time traveling superpower and invite John Lenon to play some good music.

Thank you Marta for being a part of it!

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For more of Marta’s work you can follow her on the links: Marta’s portfolioMarta on Twitter,  Marta on DribbbleMarta on Linkedin.


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