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Subcast Ep. #003.

We made it to the 3rd episode of our podcast.

The objective of the Subcast is to talk about different trends or controversies from the vast universe of Marketing.

The podcast is hosted by Bogdan and Jojo (yes, the same person who is writing this). Bogdan is the Co-owner and Digital Strategist and I am the other Content Creator and Social Media Manager of Subsign.

The third episode is here with an interesting subject: should you still have a website if there are so many platforms where your business can be present? Our answer is yes, but if you want to know and understand our reasons, click the play button:

Listen to the previous episode here.

If you have any recommendations or questions for future episodes let us know any time at or on our Facebook page.

*We plan on keeping the podcast maximum 20 minutes long. This way we make sure that our opinions are concise and you don’t get bored.

** You can now find our podcast on iTunes.


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"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki