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IT Days.

IT Days.

ITDays is a regional conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania that focuses on Innovation, entrepreneurship and technologies in the IT space. Since its start in 2013 the conference has gathered together the biggest companies in the tech world.

In the first edition we had the privilege to be guest and since then we have been platinum partners for the conference.

The Challenge

We had the opportunity to develop de visual and branding elements of this ever growing event.

After researching all the other similar events and others that take place in the area we saw that a simple color scheme based on a neutral color alongside a vibrant strong one. In the logo design we took a geometric and minimalistic approach that permitted us to build upon it with other visual elements for a complete brand experience and branding materials.

All of the promo and print materials that we have designed, from posters, roll-ups, stands, tickets, agendas, business cards and badges, had to follow the guidelines we have set in order for the brand to have a linear and complimentary feel.


After we finished the branding and the visual guidelines we started work on the mobile responsive website design and backend development. The front page highlights the most important numbers and achievements of the past editions alongside the agenda and guest for the next one.

The overal experience surpases the promo period and is as important during and after the event has taken place. During the event we focused on helping the guest and participants with visual aids present in the lobby, stairs and elevators also the detailed agenda and location of each talk was in the interior of every badge. All of the participants received a welcome package with all the necessary things for the duration of the conference.

We were truly flattered to receive very direct and positive feedback about the conferences organization and overall visual aesthetic.

  • Subsign has a very good understanding of user interaction and they develop a fully unified user experience. Ovidiu Matan, Founder of Today Software Magazine, ITDays and


More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

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