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Yogo is an online payment service provider and mobile card reader platform. The application is built to run on iOS and Android devices.

User Experience Design, Website Design, Visual Assets


The Challenge

To develop the visual branding, promo materials and the main website.

We showed how easy and secure the payment process is via the website and graphics used. The dashboard for the client was designed so that they can keep track of savings and payments in a very transparent and simple way. Seeing how it is at it’s core a mobile application we had to design the website and dashboard to offer a seamless experience in conjecture with the phone or tablet interface.

branding branding branding

The key with the visual branding was building trust while transmitting all the features and safety points built in the service application.

The color palette chosen was selected to keep the design as simple and clean as possible.

branding branding branding

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki