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abc Gruppen.

abc Gruppen.

Abc is a young and innovative company that has grown fast. Today they have 50 permanent employees and another 50 work in their busy season. They work with over 700 schools in the Nordic countries and every year they deliver student caps to most of the Swedish and Danish students. This success is due in large part to their strong customer relationships and a deep understanding and knowledge of school time, student celebrations and current trends. Abc understands the students, parents and school management needs and desires and to live up to their expectations. It creates trust.

Reporting, Interactive Landing Pages, Techonogical Laboratory, User Experience Design, Website Design


The Challenge

To develop not only a presentation website, but also a means of making it accessible to every user to custom edit and after that order their products to specific needs and requirements. After working on the wire frame and reaching the best outcome we started implementing the design. The visual design was developed after researching the major trends and influences used in the target market and geographic reach.

The virtual configurator allows you to choose the specific product you desire and edit in real time 3d the color, texture and material of the product. This feature we developed specifically for them so that they can use on the website and in face to face meetings with potential clients, on a tablet for example without the requirement of having an internet connection.



The application needed to be modular and to store the information and editing local, so that you can continue later on from your last save. When a project is done you can also access and edit it further on another device by using a generated code. This is a unique feature as it doesn’t require an account or log in data, just a simple product code generator.

Another challenge that we overcame with the design of the website was helping people figure out their measurements and educating them on how to do it. We made a video for this, with explanations and decided to add this as a final step in the order. As a user you could measure by yourself or order a kit from the website to help you. This decision boosted the finishing orders rate.


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"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki