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Evolve Media.

Evolve Media.

Evolve Media is a company that focuses on next generation advertising by using augmented and virtual reality. Other service provided by Evolve Media are interactive video projection system, holographic projections and multi-touch solutions, that they help provide from concept, design, research and development to programing and execution.

Reporting, Interactive Landing Pages, Software & App Development, Techonogical Laboratory, User Experience Design, Website Design, Digital Brand Development, Branding, Visual Assets

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The Challenge

When they first contacted us we had the task of giving the branding a refresh and designing and developing their new website.

Starting of with the logo, the original one was with a bright magenta color and we decided to focus on a more elegant and sleek black colorway. Given how they have so diverse projects we thought it would be best not to take away from them, rather just giving it a watermark or seal of quality feel.

When it came to design elements we decided to use a more techno-organic color scheme also taking into consideration their original magenta choice. We decided to use a shade of teal as the main color and with the help of a shade of purple we could highlight certain elements and bring a pop on the website with the hover feature.

To better transmit the professionalism in the organization and services that Evolve Media offers we went with a geometrical and 3D spacing style graphic choice, both for the website and printing materials.

responsive-design responsive-design responsive-design

Every page on the website is custom built and has a different display style in order to better showcase each project that they have taken on and what was the final outcome. The best way in this case for people to understand the value of what Evolve Media offers is by showing them, thus the website heavily supports video and photographic content.

After we launched the new website and visual branding for Evolve Media, they were so pleased that they gave us another task to tackle, that of designing the layout for their presentation and showroom stands. The concept for the stand was to merge the real world with the virtual one, while presenting the technological possibilities. After the drawing and 3D mapping of the the concept we started working on the technical chart and technical planning for each element, including the live green wall.

evolve-media Belt

For the second stand we had a few size restriction as presented to us by the venue organizer, but we managed to transmit the key visual elements and it was a great feeling seeing how proud they were to represent Evolve Media and the image its stands for.

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki