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Travis Tourism.

Travis Tourism.

This project was nominated at Webstock Awards 2017 in the Innovation category alongside Sprite, McDonalds, Bitdefender and Samsung.

For the past 15 years Travis Tourism has been a standard in the tourism services sector in Romania, especially in Iasi and Bucharest.

In 2010 they received their IATA accreditation and Austrian Airlines gave them the status of "Austrian Travel Partner". But the strategic growth didn’t stop there, in 2015 they joined the global alliance ATG - AllStars Travel Group, thus having the focus of serving large multinational companies.

In 2017, Travis celebrates its 15th anniversary and to mark this event they wanted us to develop a unique campaign that will raise awareness.

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The Challenge.

Despite its history of operating in the local market of Iasi, Romania, Travis Tourism has never fully stepped into the digital sphere when it comes to promoting its services or raising awareness on their brand.

The strong B2B partnerships and corporate services that Travis offers, have left the focusing more on this side and neglecting the communication with the B2C sector.

Seeing how the tourism field is a very volatile and competitive one, the need to capitalise on every opportunity is now more important and vital than ever.

travis Belt responsive responsive

Celebrating 15 years.

In order to highlight the 15 years of growth and services provided by Travis Tourism we started by giving a visual twist to their established branding elements, without moving away from the core of the logo.


Digital Campaign.

After settling on a customer persona we did a market research that focused on where does our targeted persona get their information, what are their interests and what type of tone and humor do they engage in.

Having the target being people with ages between 25-40 years old, from Iasi, working in the IT sector, it came as no surprise that one of the main channels they use for communicating and getting information is Facebook.

Starting from the brainstorming aspect, that a person has 2 lives, one online and one offline, we decided to play up on this idea and offer the person's facebook profile a well deserved vacation; provided by Travis Tourism.

branding branding

How did we “send a facebook profile on vacation” you ask?

Well we made a Facebook App, that gave the user 5 destination options for their profile: Peru, Rhodes, Thailand, Tanzania and Prague. After selecting the destination, the app would post a photo and a written paragraph as if the profile was there. The photos were all point of view, so it had a bit of a prank aspect to them also, generating conversations between Facebook friends in the real world also.

The overall campaign lasted 15 days and at the end from the people who decided to give their profile a vacation we selected a winner, that got a voucher for any of the services provided by Travis Tourism.

facebook app facebook app facebook app

The Outcome.

Not only did the Facebook app and campaign around it gather buzz and help add to the Travis Tourism over all brand, but it also performed better, than a similar (in terms or financial resources) normal ad campaign would have done.

Now with a database of 500+ people eager to go follow in the “footsteps” of their digital selves, There is only room to grow and continue this new digital approach and direction for Travis Tourism, opening up a new market segment and target for them.

infographic infographic infographic

infographic infographic infographic

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki