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Teo's Cafe.

Teo's Cafe.

We are proud and privileged to have contributed to Teo's Cafe winning the most successful brand of Iasi award in 2016.

For the past 6 years Teo's Cafe has provided quality coffee from its to go shops that are present across Romania and at major events. With the ever growing market and options of coffee shop brands Teo's saw the need to secure its spot as the number one to go brand in Iasi, while expanding the locations and business in other cities and markets.

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The Challenge

Despite its prominent position as the biggest coffee to go spots among students, Teo's Cafe has encountered increasing competition from new to go options, as well as a lacking presence in the digital space. With the growing number of options for coffee lovers and the need to expand the business, the Teo's Cafe brand needed to take better shape and galvanize the core customer.

To deliver and overcome the challenges presented to us by Teo's Cafe we started with a on the street analysis of the clients and their behaviours before, during and after their purchase. Once this was done a few persona patterns emerged and the Teo's Cafe brand started to take shape. Focusing on creativity, education and all things of value we came up and implemented a strategy that merged online and offline activities and campaigns.
In terms of online we focused on building and developing a community and saw a 1200% growth in numbers and engagement across social platforms.

Teo's Cafe Book Club is a monthly meeting where up to 100 people meet to discuss a about a book, see the movie adaptation and discuss the differences and similarities between the written pages and the big screen adaptation. The venue in which it took place was at a local partner cafe - Red Pipes.


Another hurdle that we had to overcome was that despite the number of daily clients the brand still had a “best kept” feeling sensation to it. Having a visually distinguishable cups was the first step and based on the same design we hand painted a tram that not only goes around the city,but also passes by every Teo's Cafe location in Iasi. By doing this, not only did we manage to have a mobile banner that translates in a nonconventional way the idea of a great coffee for the modern day on the go person, no matter where you are.


Cup draw challenge

Focusing on building and nurturing the community is a key aspect in the marketing strategy that we address in a number of local and social involvement campaigns. The cup draw was an initiative that saw students from the high school of arts hand painting and designing 100 unique cups that would be auctioned off. All the funds from the campaign go to a fund that helps children who have remarkable results in school, but with a poor background and lack opportunities.


Teo's Cafe Treasure Hunt

In the past year Teo's Cafe opened a number of new locations and in order to promote the locations while sticking to the core elements of the brand we organized an all day, all around the city treasure hunt together with a local Escape the Room planner. During the hunt groups of 6 members went across the city, from location to location in order to receive hints and new challenges.

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki