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Termoplast is the biggest regional producer of PVS and Aluminum joinery from Moldova, Romania.

Built on the values of a family business, Termoplast’s intention is to produce a remarkable woodwork by its uniqueness, the highest technical and aesthetic. The principles they follow makes them different. They’re partners throughout the useful life of our products, directly interested in your return-investment and amortization adjustment.

Content Creation, Reporting, Interactive Landing Pages, Software & App Development, Techonogical Laboratory, User Experience Design, Website Design, Visual Assets, Video animation


The Challenge

Termoplast is a traditional company with many years of experience that was faced with digital and branding demands.

We have decided to keep the original logo, as it was recognizable and still anchored in the needs and current reality of Termoplast. After a market research we decided that by using very colorful elements it would be the best way to stand out from a visual standpoint to potential clients and be recognizable from its direct competitors. All of the printing and company materials also have now a new, fresh and brand aligned look, based on the branding toolkit we developed.

For every showroom and sales representative we designed and produced a catalogue, with all products, materials, execution and customization possibilities. For the content of this catalogue and the websites we had multiple photo shootings.

web-design web-design web-design web-design

One of the major selling points for Termoplast is its advanced invisible welding technology, having to web domains just for this service alone. The website for this technology is a one pager that shows the customization possibilities and benefits of using this procedure.

For the main website we had to figure out a structure that put an emphasis on all products, materials, execution and customization possibilities. While developing the website we also worked on the texts and positioning of each element for a better user browsing experience. The heavy image presence on the website better shows the possibilities and qualitative work that Termoplast provides, while enticing the client's imagination for his future project. To be noted is that each project page has an unique animation.

By using an animation as a online promotional tool we managed to highlight the products and services in the digital space. All in all this was a full overhaul project that gave us the opportunity to help a prestigious and traditional company make a leap into the new digital era.

web-design web-design web-design


For the Holiday season we made a video ad that can perform and evoque the right emotions. We wanted to transmit the warm and coziness that their product provides, with a subtle heartfelt and humorous twist. The video was developed for the digital medium, in which it had a record engagement and result, but could also be used as a traditional TV spot.

Digital Marketing.

Also during our collaboration we took on the responsibilities of sending weekly newsletters to the two main markets, Italy and Romania.

Another important aspect that made Termoplast reach the number one brand for its sector was the entire social media strategy, focusing on targeted promoted content designed to come in the aid of potential clients.


Every ad got over 10.000 key targeted people reached with a 12.7% engagement rate.

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki