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Today Software Magazine.

Today Software Magazine.

Today Software Magazine is an online and published magazine made by and for developers. The idea started in Cluj and expanded quickly with the goal of gathering the development and programmers community from Romania.

Content Creation, Interactive Landing Pages, User Experience Design, Website Design, Visual Assets


The Challenge

When TSM approached us they needed help with the layout and structure of the website. The logo that they have fit their objectives and target audience and did not require to be changed, just polished and supported with more complementary visual element in order to round out the visual brand.

Starting with the website, we gave it a complete overhaul with the end reader in mind. Taking into consideration that most programmers and developers are in search of constant information the design needed to highlight clearly each magazine issue and article categories, while offering a pleasant and familiar aesthetic feel.


Another challenge was the structuring of the articles and informations published and keeping everything in a very modular frame. The website is mobile friendly and adaptive in a way that keeps the end users feeling of holding a magazine true.

The average reader of Today Software Magazine is 30 years old and thus we have decided that in support of the logo we needed to further develop de brand by using more graphic elements that give a fun and “colorful” experience.

  • Subsign has a very good understanding of user interaction and they develop a fully unified user experience. Ovidiu Matan, Founder of Today Software Magazine, ITDays and


More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki