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Unigma is a unified cloud management system platform - Monitor cloud performance and control cloud costs, across multiple public clouds.

The Challenge

We had to develop and design the website and improve the graphic interface on their software products.

The Unigma website needed to be modular so that new informations about updates could be added as fast and simple as possible. Our suggestion was to have an animation on the home page in order to highlight how easy and efficient it is for the user to use the platform, create dashboards and explore other features.

Even though a very small number of users have made an account from the mobile version, we still put the same effort in it, given the fact that most attention has migrated into this area and from a SEO point of view it can bring in visible results.

web-design web-design web-design

Form a structural point of view the website needed to have a simple and intuitive user experience, with a clear information separation.

One of the focuses was to show the comprehensive and useful reports that Unigma generates, while finding the best visual way of structuring and transmitting the information to the end user.

Another recommendation from us that was taken into consideration was the development of a trial version for the software, in order for a better understanding of how the software works and what is its true informational value for potential clients. Once this was approved we started working on the SIGN IN system that generated a back end database that was handled directly by the Unigma team.

After the official launch the number of users have grown considerably and the reviews are very satisfying, both from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint, having mentions in major publication.

unigma belt unigma belt unigma belt

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki