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Epic Weddings.

Epic Weddings.

Epic Weddings is a Conceptual Wedding Planner and Event Designer identified by their swank weddings and elegant events. Aiming to couples with unprejudiced mentality that will confine to us their wildest ideas, Epic Weddings will deliver a flawlessly planned wedding with perfection to the most intimate details always with integrity and discretion.

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The Challenge

The branding for Epic Weddings had to meet the expectations of your dazzling occasion, a team of dedicated and polished professionals organize the events with a unique lighthearted & joyful style.

Epic Weddings offers its customers A to Z wedding planning services and organization blended with innovation, latest trends and exceptional locations. Because of this we decided that the professionalism and elegance they present need to be highlighted in the visual part of the brand as well. The logo is centered around simple shapes that can be easily recognised with dress elements from both the bride and groom. Sticking to the classy and elegant approach we focused on a gold and silver colorway accompanied by a sans serif font.


When you first open the website you are greeted with a video that best transmits the brand and overall tone of what and more importantly how does Epic Weddings deliver their services.

The website is mobile and responsive with a focus on images and videos. You can browse through it or select them in albums, families or events. The option of making it full screen directly in your browser without the need of a pop up or other tool gives it that extra immersive and “epic” vibe to the overall viewing experience.

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"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki