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Cargo Planning.

Cargo Planning.

CargoPlanning is an online IT platform that assists manufacturing and commercial companies in their freighting processes. It’s a simple and efficient answer to the management of shipping orders, all the way from the placement of the shipping order, choosing and confirming the logistic partner to freight shipping and obtaining final documentation.

CargoPlanning is a product of the Nima Software company.

Animation, Video animation, Video Presentation, Storyboarding, Script, Audio editing, Advertising, Sales, Digital Brand Development, Visual Assets, Communication, Strategy


The Challenge.

After the first meeting with the representative of Nima, our challenge was clear, to realize an animation that will aid the sales agents and highlight the features and solutions the platform offers to shipping companies worldwide.

travis Belt responsive responsive

The Process.

To kick off the process we had a couple of meeting and did some research, in order to better understand the industry and the CargoPlanning product .

After we highlighted the market persona and the benefits and added value that the platform provides, we started writing the animation script. When we got the final ok from the client, from the script we highlighted the text for the audio voice over, which was recorded with a professional voice actor in studio.

Having sketched the main storyboards we moved then further with finding and setting on the right design and feel, with the focus being on the persona that will see the end result.

With a clear illustration style and storyboarding phase done we moved on with the actual animating of the elements, while making sure along every step that our products story is well told and represented.

Before we “shipped” (get it? Cause they work with transportation got it) the final animated presentation video we made sure that the visual animation matches the voice over and for a more natural and impactful touch we added sound effects.

travis Belt responsive responsive

  • Recently we had the pleasure to work with Subsign for a video for one of our products, CargoPlanning, and they did a great job. They worked in a very organised manner, accepting our feedback along the way, leading to the expected result. Thank you Subsign. Stefan Matei, CEO, NimaSoftware

The Outcome.

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki