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Naive provides 100% natural products made out of Romanian produced and hand picked fruits.

Naive brands is about living life in a different kind of way. Filled with energy for all the beautiful things that take place in your daily life. Hopeful for the future and filled with initiative, so that together we can bring a positive change. And lastly, it is about delicious products, just as sweet as all moments of your life should be.


The Challenge

In a natural juice market over flooded with big brand names and big budgets we had to find a niche and develop a strategy to position the Naive brand and products.

Given the fact that the company was a startup that had a limited production capacity and scarce resources we had to be very witty in carving our own slice of the market. The strategy was to place the juices in cafes and pubs and for every location make a number custom cocktails with their own name, photo shoot and promo poster.


We stirred a promo storm via social media with the making of every photo shoot, the concept for each shoot and cocktail was based around the theme of the location and for every spot we had a launch party.

This project was a collective creative endeavor.

Concept and execution: Ioan Dan Niculescu (ARGO), Bogdan Apetrii, Flavian Cristea, Simina Ignat, Paula Clapon, Bogdan Mindru.

Make-up: Anca Bublic.

Foto: Bogdan Onofrei.

Video: Vlad Sandulescu.

naive Belt

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"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki