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Testmate supports your company optimally to set up your testing process – structured right from the beginning. Maximize your test coverage and optimize your test size.

Testmate comes with a unique functionality to separate logical from concrete test cases. That is why the test data management is highly efficient and the test case adaptation is reduced to a minimum. ISTQB process is perfectly implemented.


The Challenge

The user interface and experience design for the users was the main challenge presented to us. The software is dedicated to advanced testers working in the IT sector and so we had to build a visual skin on top of all the functionalities and features it offers. The new color palette was chosen to better help the user build and follow his work style with the software.

They are always adding improvements to the platform, but we are glad to see that they still follow our visual experience guidelines we have set with them.


The second task we had was to promote the product, so we decided to built a one page website that best highlights all the features and functionalities of the software, while keeping in line with the new visual experience design. Also as you can see the website is responsive, desktop, tablet and other mobile devices and it leads you directly to the software access point.

responsive-design responsive-design responsive-design

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki