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Food Adviser.

Food Adviser.

Food Adviser is an android exclusive mobile app developed in 2014, with the purpose of offering the best recommendations for restaurants and menus options.

Reporting, User Experience Design, App Design, Digital Brand Development, Branding, Visual Assets


The Challenge

Based on the apps name we started to develop the logo, focusing on the two element, food and adviser. To transmit the adviser part we used the double O’s to make a pair of glasses in order to transmit the expertise and “eyes opened” to new information. When it came to highlight the food part we decided to use the traditional chefs hat to accompany the glasses.

When it came to the user experience we made it very intuitive to navigate, based on your preference you could pick what type of food you want and it would show you the top rated options or near by you. Another feature is the menus offers or restaurants who have a great daily deal.

mobile-apps mobile-apps

To round up the UX and brand we made a custom font that is used in app and logo. Sticking to the custom is best approach we developed a kit of icons, buttons and wire frame scheme for the application.

After we had finished the user experience strategy and visual direction we developed the brand manual for both the company and Food Adviser app.


More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki