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New Facebook Business Page Templates.

After a couple of months of testing, Facebook introduced new templates for the business users. This change provides the page owners with some much-needed customization options, allowing them to select the layout and Call-to Action buttons – CTA appropriate for their business. In order to better understand them, let’s take a look at how this new process works:

To use the new templates, you must first go to the settings Menu of your main page. From there you must select the “Edit Page” option, located in the left part of the screen.

In this new menu, you’ll find a list named “Templates” – click “Edit” to view it.


Instantly this pop-up will appear:





Each of these new templates has different features customized for their purpose.


This template is appropriate for all types of pages, with menus and buttons that enable you to check important info. The toolbar is composed of a “Like”, “Message” and “Share” button.

Professional Services

This one was created specifically to make it easier for people to find your services and approach you. The Primary button is “Call now”, while the toolbar has “Like”, “Message” and “Share” buttons.


Designed in a way that helps you emphasize important info about your venue such as opening hours, location, events. The primary button is this case is “Learn More”, while the toolbar comes with “Like”, “Message” and “Share” buttons.


The design of this template revolves around Games, sporting a Groups tab where fans can find each other. The toolbar buttons are “Like”, “Message” and “Share”


With his template, political figures can communicate easier and with their supporters. The primary button is “Send Message” while the toolbar features “Like”, “Message” and “Share” buttons.

Restaurants & Cafes

This template was designed to best highlight relevant info about location, opening hours and menu as well as photos. The primary button is “Call Now”, while the toolbar buttons are “Like”, “Message” and “Share”.

Select the one that’s appropriate for your business. For instance, for us “Professional Services”. fits best.

Once you’ve chosen the right template, a list of details regarding buttons, tabs, and layout will be displayed.




At the bottom, you’ll find this statement: “When you apply this template we will replace existing buttons and tabs.”

Once you’ve decided which template is the best for you, click “Apply Template”. Now, your new template will appear in your Facebook settings.


The next step you need to take is to verify all the info of your Facebook page, as there might be some items that won’t work.

Furthermore, you can customize your tags and arrange them in what order you wish.

And that’s it. Simple, right? An important thing to be aware of though, is that you have to review All the elements of your page. Broken areas on your Facebook page isn’t something you wish for.

Enjoy customizing the new layout of your Facebook Page.

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