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Subsign’s 2023 transparency report.

Over the past year, Subsign has experienced substantial growth, which gives purpose to this report, driven by two core motivations:

A Chronicle of our Journey: This report serves as a journal chronicling our path toward becoming one of the leading independent marketing agencies. It encapsulates the milestones, challenges, and victories marking our evolution.

Transparency in Action: We aim to provide a clearer understanding to all stakeholders about our objectives, methodologies, and the reasons driving our actions. This report, aptly named for its transparency, is designed to illuminate what we do and why we do it.

As we embark on this new year, we’ll also infuse this narrative with statistical insights. These statistics will add depth and context, allowing a more comprehensive understanding of our progress and endeavors.

The WOWs.

In 2023, our merger with the longstanding collaborative agency, Wepixel, significantly amplified our service offerings and work capabilities. This strategic alliance proved instrumental in bolstering our operational capacities.

Throughout the year, we catered to nearly 100 clients, devising comprehensive marketing strategies, crafting impactful online platforms and stores, and maintaining a strong and relevant brand presence across digital landscapes. Our advertising campaigns injected a competitive WOW factor into their endeavors, particularly within the digital sphere.

The year 2023 marked a notable achievement as we clinched a total of 3 prestigious international awards, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Last year marked the official inauguration of our branch in the UK. Yeah bruv!

Our team experienced remarkable growth, tripling in size, and we remain committed to further expansion and development in 2024. Speaking of growth, do you happen to know any skilled developers?

Moreover, 2023 was pivotal as we embarked on a pronounced shift towards our CMO-as-a-Service model. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this transformative approach in the forthcoming months.

Team & Office Culture.

In November, we relocated our office to a strategic space that not only accommodates our immediate growth but also offers room for future expansion and internal projects. This move sets the stage for our continued evolution in the years ahead.

Our Secret Santa event was a delightful success, sparking an unexpectedly creative internal moment that, although entertaining, will forever remain an exclusive video within our team’s confines! (Shh, it’s our little secret!)

As chapters close, new ones open. In saying farewell to Ilinca, we welcomed Larisa to the Subsign team in January 2024. We’re excited about the fresh perspectives and contributions she brings to our team dynamic.


Throughout 2023, our Creatives Interview Series, Subsign Spotlight, welcomed 16 new entries. Check them out.

This growth within our team paves the way for a renewed dedication to crafting an abundance of high-quality, complimentary content tailored for business owners and marketers alike. Anticipate an exciting array of written, audio, and video content across various platforms throughout 2024, proudly presented under the Subsign banner. Keep an eye out for engaging and informative materials designed to empower and inspire in the year ahead!


Reflecting on 2023, it’s been a year where our calculated risks (without intending to boast or say ‘we told you so’) and tireless efforts yielded significant rewards. True to Subsign’s ethos, we didn’t pause to bask in our successes (perhaps we should take that moment soon), but rather, we swiftly shifted focus towards the next ambitious ventures on our agenda.

As ever, we’re immensely grateful for your ongoing support and for accompanying us on this journey. Your unwavering support truly means the world to us.

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