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We have some very exciting news!

Subsign is merging with the web and digital product company WePixel.

After 8 months of evaluation, planning, and going in-depth, two of the most well-known independent digital marketing agencies in Romania, with international presence, decided to merge.

Subsign, with 10 years of experience in strategic marketing services, and WePixel, with 7 years of experience developing digital products and solutions, chose to combine their efforts.

The entity resulting from this merger will retain the name Subsign and will offer comprehensive marketing services, including an on-demand Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service.

The goals of the merger include strengthening the core team and providing clients with integrated marketing services. As part of this process, a branch was opened in the United Kingdom, supporting the plans to expand the client portfolio even further internationally.

We are excited to make this announcement! It’s a significant moment for Subsign, but it’s just the beginning of our plans. We are focused on developing integrated services for our clients on a global scale in an ever-evolving marketing industry.” – CEO Subsign, Bogdan Apetrii.

Built upon the mission to assist companies in their growth and audience targeting, Subsign agency provides marketing services that enable brands to tell their story through various channels. Subsign collaborates with brands that have the ambition and vision to continuously develop, regardless of their current stage in business.

After a series of successful collaborations with the Subsign team over the past 5 years, we have discovered that we share common values and objectives. As a result, discussions about a potential merger have naturally evolved. We are confident that together, we will be able to deliver value to companies through the combined team’s expertise and the excellence of the processes we will develop together. – Co-founder of WePixel, Alex Plamadă

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