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Subsign Summer Program 2021

The Subsign Summer Program (SSP) 2021 is an internship program that is meant to bring new blood to the agency while also contributing to students’ education and hands-on experience. We are considering it a pilot program through which we want to be able to grow our team by creating the experts we and our clients need.

About subsign.

Subsign is an awarded digital marketing agency, founded in Iasi, Romania. Since the launch, we managed to gather multiple international awards and recognitions as we helped brands in shaping their strategies.

Who is SSP made for?

The main core audience for the SSP is people included in generation Z, especially students in their second or third year of university. The two main fields we are looking for are graphic design (Art School) and communications (CRP/FEAA) – but not exclusively.

We believe that our experience of working with different entities, our projects, and our overall approach to the digital world will be the true intangible value.

When and how will it take place?

The SSP will take place during the university summer holiday, starting on the 1st of July and ending on the 24th of September. The Program will last for 3 months and the interns will have the possibility to WFH or come to the office while working. (but mostly they will be in the WFH area due to shortage of a dedicated space in our office at the moment).

The deadlines and selection process.

Initially, for the pilot, we are looking for a creative team of two interns (art and copy).

The selection process will be as follows:

Step 1. Complete the online application by the 6th of June 2021.

Step 2. We will contact you (via email), on 7th of June 2021, and ask you to send us an email with the following information, until 11th of June:

  • A short personal resume;
  • Mention for which part of the program you are applying (art or copy);
  • Share a specific experience you have for the area you are applying;
  • Give us 3 examples of content pieces (video, article, poster, event, etc) used by a brand that you consider to be high quality;
  • Please give a short argument for why you chose each of the 3 examples.

Selection timeline.

  • Open call for applications: 24th of May – 6th of June;
  • Shortlisting: 7th – 11th of June;
  • Interviews: 14th – 23th of June;
  • Announcement of the SSP participants: 25th of June.

How much time will it require?  Do I get paid?

The interns will be working for 2h/day, 5 days/week, resulting in 10h per week. However, the program is flexible in order to best suit the interns’ schedule.

The SSP program participants will be paid 1000 lei/3 months of internship: July – 300lei, August – 300lei, September – 400lei.

What client will you be working with?

The one and only client you will work with/for will be the Subsign agency. Because this is a learning experience, we can’t afford to involve you in any of our client projects, sadly. But, you will also have access to different processes and projects that we make for clients, all under an NDA, of course.

This way we make sure that you develop and sharpen your skills while creating content for our platforms, that we can easily control and have a more hands-on approach in terms of feedback and final deliverables.

If you consider yourself fit for the program, and ready to have some fun together this summer, let us know by applying!

If you have any questions, we have answers! Just let us know at or

Design , Marketing , Social Media

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