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The Power Of Animated Explainer Videos.

There’s no secret in the fact that video represents one of the most effective and reliable marketing tools in the arsenal of any business of our era.

If you’re looking to explain how your products and services work, to attract new clients, to educate the current ones or simply to refresh your communication style, an animated video is a top notch choice for your digital marketing team. These short and direct productions are extremely effective when it comes to conveying your message, transforming prospects into clients. Furthermore, they represent a staple in your branding efforts. If you’re still in doubts about making use of animated videos in your communication, here a few things that will change your mind:

Highlight your personality

The most powerful thing that you have to transform a regular customer into a loyal one is your personality. People, in general, don’t like to deal with a faceless company, whether that means buying your product or using your services. This fact is greatly amplified in the online environment where the contact is extremely limited. An animated video is a wonderful method for you to interact online with your customers and create an honest connection.

People love watching videos

When spending time online, most people, from consumers to professionals watch numerous videos. As a matter of fact, this activity ranks amongst the top of the list. This is without a doubt a good thing for your business, as you have a unique opportunity to interact with both potential and loyal customers more profoundly. At this point, a well-written script is essential, as your animated video should produce some sparks at the emotional level while pointing out why you’re the best partner for them. Here are some hard facts regarding online videos:

  • People spend 100% more time on a page that has a video – Marketingsherpa
  • About 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read a text – Brainshark
  • 90% of consumers watch videos online – Media Post
  • roughly 52% of mobile traffic is video content consumption – eMarketer

Brand growth

A custom animated video is a wonderful instrument through which you can grow your brand as well as your business. Using specific animated characters and colors connected to your both your audience and brand you can grow your brand exponentially while creating a base of followers emotionally attached to it. In the mid to long term, your company will experience revenue growth as well as new brand ambassadors that once were just regular clients.

Perfect pitch

Probably the worst situation is the one in which you don’t know how to tell people what your business does in an easy to understand way. An animated video enables you with the opportunity of delivering your best pitch worldwide at any hour. The best part is that you don’t have to be there. With the right partner, your animated videos will showcase your company’s story in the best light possible for you to use them in pitches, branding and digital communications efforts.

Elevated interest

Social media platforms represent a point of ever-growing interest for many businesses when it comes to promoting their products and services. One reason behind this, besides the fact that their audience spends a huge amount of time on them, is that the content on these platforms is formed mainly of videos and images. These can easily be used to drive up the interest in your products. In fact, a study from “THE C100” states that more than 70% of the internet users watch online videos while more than 50% of the population will watch videos in the current year.

Better Google Search ranking

In Google’s search ranking algorithm the amount of time a visitor spends on your website is a key ingredient. This is also a reason behind the huge growth of the online video. As a matter of fact, Spork Marketing stated that websites containing videos are ranked higher in Google search.

When it comes to statistics, websites with tons of block text and images are among the worst ranked in Google search. This translates into low exposure as well as a bad user experience – with the visitor being unable to quickly understand your services or products. In general, a person spends less than a minute to take a decision whether to buy or not a product. This is another reason behind the success of animated videos, as it can capture the watcher’s attention in an instance.

Exponential web traffic increase

While the expression “going viral” has been used since the early days of YouTube, there’s no blueprint for creating a video that will get a lot of views seemingly out of thin air. Despite this fact, one thing is sure, and that is that no matter the business type, animated videos are one of the most clever investments you can make.

So? Thinking when to start?

The right answer is right now. Brainstorm and envision the best way your message can be conveyed through animation.

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