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5 graphic design trends for 2024.

Our team of graphic designers has grown this year, and with it our list of design recommendations has become even more complex. So we asked the team to consult and decide on five (yes, just five) graphic design trends that we’re sure we’ll see more and more in 2024. And that we can’t wait to integrate into our own projects.

1. Bento box.

Right now, at the beginning of the year, a captivating graphic design trend known as “Bento Box” is taking the creative world by storm. This innovative aesthetic, characterized by its compartmentalized and structured layout, is making waves in the design landscape. With its roots in Japanese minimalism, the Bento Box is a design that uses blocks in variable sizes to form an interesting, modular design.

How it became popular is still a debate. There are opinions that claim that Apple is the one who made this design a trend, and others that attribute this role to Windows. But what matters is that this type of design can be applied in a lot of situations and is so beautiful in its minimalism that it is very difficult to go wrong with it.

Why do we think it will be an important trend in 2024? Because adopting bento box designs means you can organize content in a way that is both functional and visually interesting. And there is nothing else more important than these two things. Trust us on this one, the bento box design is here to stay.

Source: screenshot from the Apple Mac promotional video.
Source: Bolt
Source: Chronicle
Source: Iconwerk
Source: Antone Eilers on Behance

2. Brand illustration.

Tired of seeing the same illustrations downloaded from Freepik and used by tons of different brands? Yes, this practice has almost reached a dead end and we predict that 2024 will be the year when brands will opt for custom illustrations and animations to differentiate them from the crowd.

We’ll see a rise in mascot logos and hand-drawn branding elements that will dethrone over-used and impersonal graphics and stock photos. We will also see these illustrations come to life and turn into animations that give an authentic image to a brand and help it connect with its audience.

Why will this be an important trend? Because such custom-made illustrations can express the essential values ​​of a brand and are very versatile, being able to be included in different media, from a website, to social media, advertising campaigns and packaging.

Source: Chá de Bold Estúdio on Behance
Source: Kauê Gervazio on Behance
Source: Lung-Hao Chiang on Behance
Source: Minal Studio on Behance
Source: Kleanthis Loizou on Behance
Source: indego macau on Behance
Source: Larissa Gomes on Behance
Source: Joce Dias on Behance
Source: Estudio Cariño * on Behance

3. 3D design.

We know 3D design isn’t a new trend, but this year it’s back in full force. And this is mainly due to the fact that it has suddenly become more affordable thanks to user-friendly tools like Adobe Illustrator’s “Inflate” feature, introduced just last year. The thing is, a trend can only be as popular as how many people can do it. And in the past, 3D elements required the expertise of a professional and, more often than not, a lot of time and money. So many brands have abandoned this type of graphic design, even though it still remains impressive.

We still appreciate 3D artists, and you can even read a Spotlight interview with Leo Natsume, an illustrator whose projects continue to inspire us. But we’re glad that there are more resources that make 3D more accessible and back on the top of global preferences.

Source: Leo Natsume on Behance
Source: Leo Natsume on Behance
Source: Leo Natsume on Behance
Source: Диана Скрипкина on Behance
Source: Alina Trunina on Behance
Source: Stuart Wade on Behance
Source: Welson Hendra on Behance
Source: Designessense .com on Behance

4. Collage.

How can you show that you are a creative designer who is not constrained by any conventional rules and who combats the traditional rigidity of all that composition guidelines mean? Mixing images, shapes, textures and colors. The most chaotic and captivating trend of 2024 is made up of such apparently random and diversified elements: the collage.

Why do we like this style of composition? Because it brings that touch of raw authenticity, because it can capture a multitude of symbols and meanings, but above all because it allows you to explore creations that go beyond the boring boundaries of “normal”.

We appreciate artists who are comfortable in the world of collage and often look to bring them into the Spotlight. You can read the latest interview on this topic in the Spotlight about Alessandra Roccasalva.

Source: alessandra roccasalva on Behance
Source: alessandra roccasalva on Behance
Source: V. Treugolnikov on Behance
Source: V. Treugolnikov on Behance
Source: Eduardo Ramón on Behance
Source: Ilya Colowgee on Behance
Sorce: Keny Graphic on Behance
Source: Lerson Pannawit on Behance
Source: Guido Galina Cumar on Behance

5. Focus on photography.

Photos are closely related to graphic design and often play a more than essential role in conveying a message, both online and offline. So it’s no news that photography will be a trend in graphic design this year.

But the novelty is that stock photos will be forgotten. The Freepik images which we have all been using, have one big downside: they often look flat and lifeless. So we turn our attention to graphic designers who use original, authentic, homemade photography that naturally captures the reality of a brand or product.

So the last graphic design trend which we bet our money on for 2024 is about using as many original photos as possible in online and offline content. And not just product photos, but also captivating images of people, nature or any other elements that can tell a story, convey a message, an emotion or just creative art.

A final thought.

Regardless of the trends, the essence lies in infusing your work with genuine enthusiasm and staying true to your unique vision. While one may not invent entirely new concepts, the ability to reinterpret, personalize, and add a touch of creativity to established ideas is what sets every designer apart. In the pursuit of staying current, let the core principles of passion and originality guide your artistic journey, ensuring that each creation bears the unmistakable mark of your creativity.

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