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Podcasts have been around for more than 13 years. But it only grew bigger in the past 3 years or so. Different types of podcasts have started to appear: technology, music, art, health, fashion, marketing and many more.

A podcast is described as a set of digital audio files available for streaming or downloading on the internet, either on specific platforms or multi-purpose ones.

Besides being a different type of content that more and more people go for, podcasts can be a very powerful tool for Marketers. Just think about it. How easy can it be to bring your brand/company closer to your audience and talk to them about your domain or opinions?  And, let’s not forget the increased usage of mobile phones.

In this article, we show you 4 simple reasons to start recording your podcast as soon as possible.

Easy to Create.

Creating a podcast of your own doesn’t come with a hustle. First, you need the equipment, which is reasonably priced or you can work with what you have. For starters, you can try and record on your phone. The iPhone records pretty well, I have used it to record interviews.

If your podcast is going well and people appreciate it, you can start thinking about bringing your game to a new level by investing in basic gear: microphone and headphones. Don’t worry about the recording/editing software. Most of them are free and easy to use making it accessible to everyone.

Another thing that comes easy is sharing it with your audience. Nowadays you have so many options for channels: iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud and many more. One specific platform that we have tried ourselves is Anchor. It gives you the opportunity to share your content on all the platforms previously mentioned with one single click and profile.

Content remains King.

While other businesses in your field keep trying the same old Ads on Google to make sure they stay in the audience’s mind, why not go a different way? It might be cheaper and more effective.

Having rich media on your website doesn’t just help you with SEO, but it also keeps your clients coming back for more content.

But, wait, Jojo, what is rich media? You might ask. Well, to make it easy: photos, video, and of course, audio content.

Now, think about the way people find your website. It might be because of your product/service, but wouldn’t be amazing if they found it through an opinion shared through a video/podcast? In this way, if they search your content constantly to get information from you, they have passed the potential client stage, and get to the follower stage.

Give your business a voice.

As a business having a voice in the marketplace is very important. Whether if you are willing to share knowledge/opinions/study cases to the market or you’ve just begun your entrepreneurial journey and letting people ride along through the ups and downs of having a business.

Letting people come along for your daily hustle can show another side of your business, and can make people empathize with you. Again, it’s another opportunity to build a community.

If you think the domain you activate in it’s too boring, try finding distinct activities or interests that can be the hook for your audience. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow developed her own brand goop and has made a podcast surrounding different aspects of what it means to have a healthy and content lifestyle.

One of the biggest things for a business is to stand out amongst the rest of the crowd.

Taking our own advice, we have created our own podcast regarding the Marketing world. In the Subcast we have decided to share our opinions on trends, campaigns, and controversies from both digital and offline grounds.

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"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

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