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WooCommerce has an epic upgrade. Here’s what’s new.

In the web development news section, WooCommerce has just received an epic upgrade that completely transforms the way you understand your customers and sales. Our team of web developers have prepared a short summary of what’s new on WooCommerce to explain in more detail how they can help you develop your online store to sell more and improve your marketing strategy.

The new features in WooCommerce.

First and foremost, you can now see exactly which marketing channel (Facebook Ads, email marketing, etc.) brings in the most profitable sales. This means you can optimize your marketing tactics to direct your resources to the most effective channels for your business.

The new advanced reporting also precisely shows you how many customers each channel brought in, how much money they spent, and how effective each marketing effort was.

In addition, there is now the option to do Ninja customer segmentation, which helps you create ultra-relevant campaigns that target customers who have already shown interest. The benefit? Amazing increase in conversion rates!

Our favorite feature? The integration with some of the most relevant marketing platforms (Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp), which means you will be able to have all your data in one place, for a complete picture of the success of your business.

How to use these new WooCommerce features.

With the data obtained from the new WooCommerce Order Attribution Tracking, you can become a marketing ninja and explore your sales to their maximum potential. Here are some concrete examples:

Optimize your advertising expenses.

Identify superstars: Clearly see which marketing channels (social media, email, PPC, etc.) generate the most sales and valuable customers.

Stop wasting money: Reduce the budget for underperforming channels and invest more in those that bring concrete results.

Test and refine: Run experimental campaigns to see what works best for different audience segments.

Create ultra-relevant marketing campaigns.

Do a laser segmentation: Use attribution data to group customers based on their purchasing behavior. For example, you can create a special campaign for customers who have abandoned their shopping carts or a VIP offer for the most loyal buyers.

Personalize your messages: Offer customers exactly what they’re looking for based on the channel through which they discovered you.

Increase conversion rate: With more relevant campaigns, you’ll notice a significant increase in the number of customers completing their purchases.

Improve the customer experience.

Understand the customer journey: With more relevant campaigns, you’ll notice a significant increase in the number of customers completing their purchases.

Identify pain points: Discover where customers are abandoning the purchase process and optimize the experience to eliminate friction.

Build loyalty: By offering a personalized and relevant experience, customers will gladly return to your online store.

Insights from the subsigners.

Alex Mihai, our web development specialist, works daily with projects in WooCommerce and knows best how important this new feature is for online stores. Here is his advice for businesses using WooCommerce:

“As a developer with years of experience in e-commerce analytics, I understand the critical role of accurate order attribution. The new Order Attribution Tracking in WooCommerce is a game-changer. It leverages advanced tracking methods to provide a granular view of customer journeys and marketing channel performance. Imagine the possibilities – identifying high-performing channels, optimizing campaigns with laser precision, and segmenting audiences for hyper-targeted marketing. This translates to a significant competitive advantage. Don’t wait for your competitors to capitalize on this first. Upgrading to the latest WooCommerce version is a breeze, and the benefits are substantial.”

Our conclusion.

In short, Order Attribution Tracking data helps you understand exactly what motivates your customers to buy, which can radically change the success of your online store. This means that you will no longer need to rely on your intuition, but you will be able to optimize your marketing strategy based on the concrete data that you will find on your website.

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