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Brandient is a mobile taskforce of multidisciplinary experts specialized in brand innovation on Eastern markets.

When it comes to branding they have been considered one of the top agencies in this part of the world.

User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Website Design, Concept


The Challenge.

This project is different from the others we have done for the reason that they didn’t contact us, we did this concept of a website design as a proactive approach. At that moment their website had not been updaten in several years in terms of aesthetic, UX and functionality so we decided to build a concept that can do right by the work they deliver.

The Website Concept.

The goal was always to bring the work up in front, as we believe that quality speaks for itself. By having a grid layout straight from the homepage any visitor can see numerous highlighted projects.

We got into contact with them, but at that moment their new website was already a work in progress. After they launched the site we had the pleasant surprise to see that most of the solutions and visual approach we took was present as well into the official one.

branding branding branding

  • Thank you very much for the website suggestion, it looks really cool! Unfortunately we already are working on a new website and find ourselves now in the process of populating it with content. But regardless thanks again for your interest in collaborating - maybe we will have the opportunity down the line. Cristian Kit Paul, Founding Partner, Creative Director

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki