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This Plays.

This Plays.

ThisPlays was founded in 2016 after a research period, a team of creatives, engineers & marketers wanted to bring a new product out for a VR and AR future.

Based on their pilot, they became a part of Founded By All, the Philips incubator which is based in one of their first factories ever.

User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Website Design, Website Development


The Challenge.

Our task for this project was not only to design and develop an attractive website, but to also translate the vibe, feel and endless possibilities that their services and products can provide.

We also had a number of initial talks, research and even a local visit to best ensure we understand the field and the market it addresses.


The Website.

As usual when starting a project from scratch, we began with the wireframe and the overall informational structure for the website.

After setting and testing the best journey map for the users we started focusing on translating the user experience into a user interface that would best fit the brand.

Having a more vibrant colorful user interface was a must, but we also had to keep in mind that the content we received and had to showcase for the website was also visual heavy, making the challenge a bit more interesting when it came to balancing out the design elements with the video and visual content.

branding branding

  • Subsign created an art piece that tripled our conversion! They deeply researched our abstract goals, listened to our team and created a level of creativity that cannot be beaten. They advised us in a very pro-active and creative way but we were always at the steering wheel. Mark van der Weide CEO ThisPlays

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki