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Subsign December 2017 Report.

Subsign has grown a lot in the past year, this is why this report as we see it has 2 motivations behind it:

1. ? A journal for our journey towards being one of the top global communication agencies.

2. ? To better translate to everyone what we do in a more close and transparent fashion.

We are going to take advantage and use this December edition to also sprinkle in some 2017 stats as well.

The WOWs

? This year we had 12 new awesome clients for which we made marketing strategies, online platforms, apps, and advertising campaigns, this way bringing them a competitive WOW factor, especially in the digital space.

? In 2017 we won a total of 7 international and national awards, making us the most awarded agency in Iasi.

? Our team has tripled in size this year and we are looking to keep growing in 2018 as well.

? 2017 was the year we launched our first official sponsorship.

? We organized 3 events this year and participated in over 15 others from across Romania.

Team & Office Culture

✈ In the middle of December Vlad and Bogdan attended Bucharest Business Days.

? Bogdan and Jojo went to the first edition of Omline, an event that has the purpose of gathering the online influencers in a offline fashion.

? We packed and delivered holiday gifts to our clients all over the world.

? Secret Santa was a success, even though we had some logistical/geographical struggles to overcome.

? Dolfy has seen snow for the first time.


? This month we will be using our free time(aka holiday) to update the work page on and to make the user experience even better with some changes especially to the articles section.

⚡️ In December we finish the Inowize website and another special platform for a bigger campaign (talk about that more at the end of January).

? We have started to run 2 new initiatives as products/services to our clients:

  • Our new Influencer Partnership Program
  • The development of the Employer Branding course and tools.

✏ We had 2 new artists Spotlight Interview, but we promise to be back with a new weekly one in 2018

✒ Starting with this month we published the first article in a series to better help entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing executives how and why they should start seriously investing into Digital Marketing. This article is about How Digital Marketing can get you clients.


? Looking back 2017 has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, with ups, downs and turns. Along the way we met people that disappointed us, but those pale in numbers when we look to the ones that we now consider a part of the Subsign family (partners, clients, team members and followers).

As always, thank you for following and supporting us along on our journey to becoming one of the elite communication agencies in the world, it really means a lot. ?


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