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Milou van der Heijden.

Milou van der Heijden.

Milou van der Heijden is a professional squash player, ranked number 1 in the Netherlands.

She reached a career-high world ranking of World No. 38 in June 2015.

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The Challenge.

Our initial challenge was to create an instantly recognizable and iconic logo, that will best translate the attitude and lifestyle of a pro athlete.

After all the branding elements have been all in place, we set the communication tone and started working on a website that had to address 3 needs:


The Logo.

The approach we took in realizing the visual element for the Milou Van Der Heijden brand was to design a time lasting logo that has the resemblance of a family crest, thus emphasising the personal aspect as well as promoting the achievements of such a high performance athlete.

In our research some of the references and direction was taken from other top athletes such as: Kevin Durant, Roger Federer and Leo Messi.


The Website.

When we started the wireframe and layout design we had to always keep in mind the multi purpose of the website and the necessary information it must provide to the visitors.

Functions such as latest results and future matches and tournaments schedules had to be present for both fans and media to be in constantly informed about the whereabouts and results.

We added a news subscription section so that reporters or die hard fans can be in constant contact with the media representative for Milou, thus having updates sent to them first.

Given the fact that for everyone the support of others is a very powerful motivational factor, probably even more so for athletes we also added a way people can send messages and get in touch with Milou.

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The Sponsorship.

At Subsign we like to over deliver on expectation and go for the WOW reaction every time. When we saw Milou playing and heard about her, that was exactly the reaction we had and we knew that this partnership would fit perfectly. We are very excited to give her our full support and turning this sponsorship in a real partnership.

Let’s go together for that number 1 spot!

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  • Subsign understands that good work takes time, that's why they put a lot of time & thought into every project. They cover every detail, I'm very happy with the final result! Milou van der Heijden

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