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Subsign January 2018 Report.

Starting of a new year means a fresh start and new approaches. However, we believe that mapping and documenting the journey is very important, this is why we will be keeping our Monthly Reports going in 2018 as well.

The WOWs

In January we had our biggest website update since the launch. Some of the elements found in the update that you should keep an eye out are:

💪An updated Work section with 6 of the most recent projects we have done, from browser games, 3D design to marketing campaigns.

💼As a way to better showcase our expertise and experience we introduced a Service page that was created to help any viewer navigate our world in one screen.

🙃By having the new Service page we also took the opportunity to refresh and redesign the About page as well.

✒️We always had a mission of offering real value, promoting other talents and we always spoke our mind on industry related topics. Now, we can do that even better with our Stories page and you can navigate all the 50+ articles easier.

Team & Office Culture

🎾 We launched the Friday Game Day in the office. Every half-Friday we use the time to play boardgames, sports, video games or other creative yet relaxing activities to help keep our juices going.

😎We have a new intern, please help us welcome Daniela who is making the shift from the fashion design world to a more advertising-design style.

🏠We are looking for a new Iasi office, so if you have any good recommendations please hit us up.

Dolfy really likes Daniela. Drooling is a sign of love right?


💼We have started to run 2 new initiatives as products/services to our clients:

  • Our newInfluencer Partnership Program;
  • The development of the Employer Branding course and tools.

We had 2 new artists Spotlight Interview, and we have more great talented people lined up.

✒️ Having blockchain and cryptocurrency in the media spotlight now more than ever, we thought it would be a great time for us to talk about how this technology can and will revolutionize the Marketing industry.

✒️Continuing our series of the benefits and importance of Digital marketing, this month we focused on the Value that it brings to brands and organizations.


🎢 We started off the year with a lot of the pieces falling into place. With the future office move and investments in infrastructure and team, we hope to step things up even further in our quest to become a top agency.

As always, thank you for following and supporting us along on our journey to becoming one of the elite communication agencies in the world, it really means a lot.


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"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki