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We make a mix of paid, owned and earned to help media drive business efficiently and sustainably, while following an integrated communications planning approach. We bring deep consumer insights and strategies, along with audience targeting to ensure every impression makes an impression.

Communication Planning

This is a discipline for us, not a department. It’s a way of thinking where account management, insights, strategy, creative, technology, media, analytics and search all play a role in delivering a recommended strategy for reaching consumers across paid, earned and owned media. The magic is in the sources of data, and the cross-discipline nature of our team.

Digital Media

Subsign’s expertise in digital media extends across all channels: video, social, mobile and search. We offer industry-leading influencer marketing capabilities and help you push your social media investments in the right direction to achieving results.

Performance Marketing

Our team is experienced in helping marketers get more value from each dollar spent, with deep specialties in retail, financial, pharma, services, travel and entertainment. We use predictive bidding to optimize ROI and constantly assess and optimize to improve efficacy over time.

Analytics & Measurement

Measurement and reporting shouldn’t just show you what’s working, it should show you how it can work better. We build dashboards, and assist you in complex business forecasting and build media mix models to help every client be efficient today and smarter tomorrow.

Media Technology

Many media challenges are engineering challenges and our marketing technology team helps navigate areas such as ad viewability, tag management audits and identification, and connecting media systems.

Paid Social

Paid Social strategy and expertise is critical to brands that want to resonate with any audience at scale. Our specialists focus on starting real connections and conversation that drive measurable business results. The success of every campaign is rooted in our commitment to innovation, testing, and applied learning.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki