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Vetro Solutions.

Vetro Solutions.

Vetro Solutions, is a top 10 Romanian company in the medical and pharmaceutical veterinary sector. Importing and distributing of food, veterinary use medicine and other animal articles is at the business core, but they also provides systems that ensure the biosecurity of farms.

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The Challenge.

When Vetro Solution approached us they had several challenges that we should take on:

1. Although they are one of the top companies in their sector, the challenge was to develop a branding and communication strategy for the B2B side.

2. Having national exclusivity on multiple products, we had the task of making the strategy and materials to be used in the national advertising campaigns for the products.

3. Developing and maintaining the relationship with their 1500 national partners.


Our approach.

Like in most our projects we started by doing a research that included both internal and external assessments.

We gathered and analyzed all the promotional materials that already existed for every brand and product lines, we took a close look at the communication channels and internal system of communicating with the national partners and retailers.


The conclusion from the research was that we have 2 major direction to focus on and that in certain situations they overlap. By finding out their specific needs we found some ways in which we transformed Vetro Solutions into a platform that helps them both better help each other.


In the Romanian market there is a big void when it comes to constant information and reliable access to schedules and locations about pet shops, pharmacies or clinics. Taking into consideration that the main vision for Vetro Solution is to help veterinarians and offer solutions we developed the web platform.

In the platform in just 2 clicks you can see all the close points to you, their schedueland even get directions via Google maps to their spot.

For future iterations of the platform we also have a list of new features(from reviews and comments to an actual news and article section), but for the moment we prefer to also get some valuable feedback from the community of users, both pet owners and veterinarians.


B2C Marketing.

Starting with the mindset of offer value first and with the purpose of building a community we made Facebook pages and groups, Business Instagram profile and Youtube channels so that the major national communication channels would be covered.

Developing content and starting conversations daily was the key to our approach, and the challenge was to transform the super technical materials into easy to understand content that helps pet owners.


B2B Marketing (event design).

Having a yearly presence at all the major industry events, conferences and seminars is a must for a business such as Vetro Solutions. Most major deals are made there, not to mention the opportunity for networking and presenting or launching new products.

So in order to stand out for partnerships with seminars and conferences with our support Vetro took on the event design apparence so this way we showed the professionalism in a visual form as well.

For the big conventions the stand had to be truly something more so that people would talk about it and build a desire to want to check it out. By using Augmented Reality we built an entire experience around the Vetro Solutions stand, with contests and other interactive activities.

Some of the brands that we had to manage at a national level came from multinationals such as Ceva and Lintbells.

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More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

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