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Subsign September 2017 Report.

Subsign has grown a lot in the past year, this is why this report as we see it has 2 motivations behind it:

1. ? A journal for our journey towards being one of the top global communication agencies.

2. ? To better translate to everyone what we do in a more close and transparent fashion.

This is our 1st monthly report, let’s see how it goes and what has happened after our summer holidays.

The WOWs

? Awwwards and Google gave us the Mobile Excellence distinction for our website.

? We have officially launched our first (sports) sponsorship.

❤ We delivered the branding and website for Netbears.

? The campaign we did for Travis Tourism got nominated for a Webstock award in the innovation category.

Team & Office Culture

✈ Jonas has joined our team and came to Iasi all the way from Germany.

? We celebrated 2 birthdays, both Amelia and Jonas have leveled up.

? Bogdan (the graphic designer one) participated in a local creative event and made a cool graffitti.

? Jojo & Bogdan (the Creative partner this time) have started season 2 of their vlog series.

⛺ Vlad & Amelia took a weekend break from the city.

? Dolfy…well she is still cute and snores all day.


? Finally arranged the top floor office as well and made it more efficient and cool. (We are looking to move soon also).

?? We launched our website specific for the German market.

✏ We had 4 new artists Spotlight Interview segment (yes we do one each week, stay tuned for more).

? We made friends with the guys over at Hubrica who let us make a cool project in their space (talk more next month about that)

? Our website got a few mentions in the digital realm :

All in all this was a pretty eventful month, with lots of projects moving forward and rewards for our work so far. The plan we made at the beginning of the year has kept us on the right track and the WOWs are showing it.

Thanks for following and supporting us along on our journey, it really means a lot. ?


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"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki