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Inowize is a creative laboratory on a mission to amaze, thrill and entertain. They engineer astonishing AR and VR experiences by combining brilliant concepts with interactive technologies and stunning digital content.

Digital Brand Development, Branding, Visual Assets, User Experience Design, Website Design, Web development, Logo Design, Digital content

The Challenge.

For this project we had the task of building the brand and website for a company working in a similar creative field as ours.

Seeing how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are still emerging technologies, we had to design the website in a way that can best showcase the possibilities and practical applications.


The Branding.

We anchored the brand experience in the concept of immersion and 3D.

From a logo design standpoint we had to convey in a complementary manner the work from their portfolio with elements that would be long lasting and aligned to the core values and personality that Inowize as a brand transmits.


The Website.

In setting out the wireframe and UX/UI aspects first we had to gather all the content and structure it in a way that would easy to navigate and digest by potential clients.

After mapping out all the key elements and potential questions that our target audience might have, we realized that the work and potential ways of implementation had to be the star and main focus of the website.

The use of AR and VR technology is not yet tapped to its full potential, so by clearly highlighting the areas of expertise, case studies and portfolio we opened up a world of possibilities to all potential clients that would arrive on the Inowize page.

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More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki