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Oradea is one of the important economic, social and cultural development centers in the western part of Romania.

Based on their brief materials and strategic vision for continuous growth we designed the following brand design.

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The Concept.

As all cities, they have different layers and mean different things for different people. Our goal was to translate the fact that Oradea is the city where anyone can find themself. So we focused on some key defining aspects:

1. Development.

A European city that has been in constant growth. Being situated just a few kilometers away from Hungary, it is passed by the border linking highway.

2. Architecture.

The aesthetic of the city is truly unique and offers a decor feeling. The city was rebuilt in the 18th century in the architectural style called Secession. The colors, combined with the geometrical shapes will help get “lost” in every alee and street.

3. Nature.

In the Southern part of the city there are an abundance of natural thermal waters and medical centers. Oradea is a city that not only has capitalized on the benefits offered by nature, but also learned to live in a harmonious fashion.

4. History.

Documented as early as 1113 and surviving the tribulations of time, you can always find in writing the important role that Oradea has played. Even though the history of the city is strong and still can be felt, the obvious perspective and investment into the future is clear.

5. Community.

Every city at its core is built by the numerous communities that inhabit it. Be it institutions, organizations or simple groups of friends, they contribute daily to the quality, attitude and mood of the city.

6. Typography.

In selecting the type, we focused on best transmitting the main elements mentioned before. The pairing with the complimentary font was crucial in building a branding with depth and flexibility.



The Colors.

To better highlight the shapes and elements that make up the logo we used 3 strong colors that are representative not only for Oradea, but for Romania as well.

The Fonts.

The new city brand uses two families of fonts Josefin Sans and Playfair Display. By having two types of fonts, serif and sans serif, we can blend seamless contrasts between titles and descriptive cursive text.

The city where you find yourself.

The key message that we build upon was that of “The city where you find yourself”. Starting from this important tagline and value statement we expanded into every aspect that makes the city what it is.

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