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Accesa is a provider of full range of IT services, building strong partnerships with world-class players pursuing long-term added value. From discovery to product roll-out to further development, they offer fully support and know-how.

The Challenge for us was to redesign the entire user experience for the main Accesa website, with a key focus on clients and potential clients. Outlining the full range of solutions, workflow and approach was at the top of the requirement list.

The Approach.

After discussing with the client team we knew that this project would have to be built taking into consideration multiple personas and stakeholders (from sales and accounts managers all the way to the prospective clients that would have to be converted into leads).

By having numerous client visits, weekly calls and a thorough research done we started to outline the website structure based on the personas journey.

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User Experience and Testing.

One of the biggest issues we faced in the user experience stage was the constant change that appeared based on the testing, this caused delayed from the client side as the content wasn’t delivered in a pace that kept up with the a/b testing side. After extensive testing the best outcomes (based on the user journey) via the 12 iterations made, we had a mapped out functioning wireframe, that was built around the user.

Accesa website

User Interface & Animations.

With the skeleton set and having pages, sections and flow mapped out, we started working on the visual interaction elements that best complimented the already established brand. Like mentioned before, the website acts like a powerful tool in the selling process, be it from organic reach or from a presentation offered by a representative.

Accesa website


As with all websites, the main traffic comes from mobile devices, so we had to start the work on displaying the information in a very easy digestible visual way from a small to a big screen. The entire manual around building further pages and section of the website was developed to have a responsive experience, regardless of display and size.

Accesa website

Web Design Style Guide.

Based on the requirements and potential future changes and need for new sections and pages, we developed a website style guide that transmitted all the know-how necessary to follow the findings in the user testing we did.

All in all this project was a very extensive one, from each step we took the time to figure out the best choices that had to be made, in order to deliver a product that met the initial requirements and client objectives.

Accesa website

  • We love the design - new, fresh, polished I think they were on everyone’s lips. We are on the same wavelength with elements that become animated; with elements having rounded corners to highlight the triangle; with the sections as wide as the height, width, overall looks amazing Gabriela Grosu - Marketing Manager

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki