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Netbears is a DevOps service company, that handles the development and delivery process which emphasizes communication and collaboration between product management, software development, and operations professionals.

Branding, Video Animation, Visual Assets, User Experience Design, Website Design, Digital Brand Development, Logo Design


The challenge

Originally the task at hand presented to us was to develop a website up to the quality and standard of the code and services Netbears provides.

After coming to the end of the UI/UX and design stage, they also trusted us with the development of their branding and logo design.


The Website

The layout and “feel” for had to be very professional, yet familiar and simple to navigate. By making both the DevOps and Training services a main focus, any visitor can quickly get the grasp of what work they do and how they approach each of these 2 services.


The Logo

As with any branding or rebranding it is important that you get a correct understanding of the culture, values and approach of the organization first.

After we finish the research and got to know the Netbears team better, we started working on concepts and from there we made the final logo design and brand book.

  • Creative people and really flexible taking into consideration the client's specific needs. It was a true pleasure working with the Subsign team, and we highly recommend them. Cheers! Marius Mitrofan (Senior IT Consultant at Netbears)

More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki