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Wine + Chill.

Wine + Chill.

Wine+Chill is a sub brand of a major Slovak wine house. What sets it apart is the fact that it focuses on a more no nonsense approach in communicating to its target demographic of adult millennials.

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UK & Germany Market Research.

We started first by looking into the UK and German markets as the client would like to expand to these markets with the Wine+Chill brand in the coming years. So we made a research focusing first and mainly on the design aesthetic of the products packaging to see how it would be received.


Product & Brand.

This wine brand is targeted towards 18-25 year olds and focuses on the fact that the wine is either Blanc, Rose or Rouge and is great tasting. The extra information about region, year and so on not being showcased.

The reasoning for this was that the average Slovak consumer is reluctant to purchase wine so that they won't make a mistake or feel embarrassed it the year is not the good one or so on.

Focusing on keeping things simple, we also figured that our key target demographic is a party, festival and social gathering goer. Having this in mind we made the bottles be from light plastic and have a screw on cap. Not only are they easy to ship (being only an online available purchase), but are also allowed inside venues and festivals, as to where a classic glass bottle is banned.

branding branding branding


Like we said, the only way to purchase the wine is online, so we had to build the website with 2 purposes, 1 to showcase the products and 2 to act as a e-commerce shop.



Our approach to this was to have it in a very nonconventional way to all other online shops. What we did is basically reverse engineered Instagram and gave all the users the possibility to upload content (images, GIFs and videos) onto the website, thus having a user generated content strategy.

infographic infographic infographic infographic infographic

To kick things off the first types of content are already gathered and ready to post from key Influencers to our demographic.

Slide between Wireframe and Design

By having the experiences you can have and others are living around the product, we gave this new brand value and depth.


More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki